Cost of Living in Cotacachi

  • Quite a few of our friends have asked us about living expenses in Ecuador.  Here is a realistic picture based on our personal experience…
  • We pay $600 a month rent for a furnished adobe house: 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, living room & dining room combo, big kitchen, covered porch and terrace.  The flooring is tile and hardwood, and there are 2 fireplaces; no air-conditioning as you don’t need it.   We looked at several houses to rent, and they usually ran from about $500 to $800 a month, with utilities/ landscaper included.
  • Rent: in town, a 2 bedroom apartment/condo usually runs from $300 to $500 month and includes utilities.
  •         Electric bill averages $17 – $23 per month.
  •         Propane gas  averages 3 tanks per month @ $2.50 per tank
  •         Water is usually $2 – $5 per month
  •         Internet is $35 per month (average speed- downloads are slow)
  •         Direct TV is $45 per month
  •         Cell phone: $50 for a phone / and we buy $20 worth of minutes to call taxis or confirm appts.  (25 cents per minute)
  •         Skype: free skype to skype  and we pay $19.95/month for Skype to use as telephone for the family/friends back home who don’t have skype.          (We use email or Skype a lot for local friends!)
  •      Food: $50-$70 a week at Super Maxi or the local Mercado
  •      Fresh vegetables/fruit:  $ 20 will buy all you need for one week for 2 people
  •     Two dozen roses $2.50 ( will last 2 weeks and they smell wonderful!)
  •     Dining out: meals are usually $3.50 to $10.00 each person (excluding alcohol)
  •     Alcohol: Beer 80 cents to $2 each / wine is $3 to $15 per bottle
  •     Landscaper: $20 twice a month (lawn cut & trimmed & walks swept)
  •     Maid Service: $3 per hour x 5 hours ($15)
  •     Taxis one-way/ to village $1.50 / to Otavalo $5.00 /to Ibarra $12.00 (one or more)
  •     Bus  one-way / to Otavalo  25 cents/ to Ibarra 45 cents / Quito $2  (per person)
  •    Haircut: from $3 to $5 (local)    Quito Hair salon/ color & cut $50-$70
  •    Gym: $20 per person for 1 month
  •    Facial: $15
  •    Massage: 1 hour $20
  • We have budgeted $1500 a month for living expenses which includes the above items, plus Kelly’s visits to the doctor are $65 each.
  • If you want to explore the area and add activities, then of course, you’ll spend some money there, and we’ll do more blog posts on these adventures.
  • We haven’t bought any clothing here, and not used the dental service except for a one time emergency which cost us $20.   We have some friends who have shared their medical/dental experience on their blog; we also have friends in Destin, FL who fly here for their dental work!  We’re currently looking into the costs of medical and dental insurance while we’re here.
  • We’ll also do another blog post on the cost of purchasing real estate and one getting your cedula.  Let me know if you’re interested in those subjects.
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