San Antonio de Ibarra

We spent a (rainy) Saturday with our new friends from Virginia, Dave Causey & Miriam Weaver, exploring the town of San Antonio which is known for it’s furniture and carvings. We were honored to meet several master craftsman in action.  My favorite sculpture in the town gallery is the one with the couple and the heart in the middle…I would love to commission a smaller one for us to keep! 

Carvings range from saints, cherubs and crucifixes to animals, masks, Aztec and Incan influenced pieces, abstract sculptures, and cost anywhere from $1.00 to a few hundred dollars.  The main plaza is surrounded by the largest stores, with lots of small galleries and shops along the backstreets.  Near the main plaza is the Taller Escuela Escultural y Tallano ( a carving workshop and school).

Most of the furniture fit two categories: the King of Spain marries the Queen of England or Mod Squad.   You can order custom furniture which is good thing!

We took a taxi to  Ibarra for a lunch of beef steak, fries, salad and helado (ice cream) and a visit to SuperMaxi for hard to find items like peanut butter, stevia and shrimp.  After our 45 cent bus ride back into Cotacachi, I noticed a family near the terminal playing instruments while the children danced.   A nice way to finish the day!

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