Colonia el Batan

There are only 8 houses in our neighborhood, all adobe style.  Every yard is landscaped and Kelly says the best part is hearing the weed-eater, and he’s not the one holding it!

Some of the houses are vacant and are for sale or rent; a few of the owners are back and forth from America or England.  We love this style of house- the adobe bricks are made on site and we’ve been observing the construction process.  It’s very slow – some of these houses took 2 years or more to build.

Lunch party at Bentleys with Carolina, Segundo, Henry & Kestrel.  Awesome meal of homemade lasagna, avocado & pepper salad, chocolate cake with almonds & raisins, and red wine.  I came back and took a 2 hour nap!  Kel missed lunch- he was pulling a Forrest Gump….he took off running up the mountain and came back 4 hours later (he missed lunch but we kept him some leftovers).  Kelly really loves the tranquility and peace of the mountains even more so than the valley we’re in.

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