Exploring with New Friends

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Lunch today at a little cafe in the village with Bentley and Carolina.  We’re learning to order bottled water with every meal, and our grilled cheese and tuna sandwiches could have been made in any cafe in America!  Santiago and his family are really friendly and he encourages gringos to come by.  He tries to keep a few books around that you can read while you’re in the cafe, but most of them are in Spanish.  I think I’ll learn to read this language a lot faster than I can speak it!

Later, we met another couple named Henry & Kestrel Sutton from Hawaii.  They’ve already bought 2 condos here.  With six of us going to Otavalo, Kelly & I rode in the back of the truck!  Lots of native vendors in the park, and the products that are offered are gorgeous hand-made items.  My big purchase of the day was a hand-woven bracelet and the woman selling it to me has her family photo displayed at her stall – everybody in the family from the children to the grandparents take part in creating the items that are sold.

We saw stuffed teddy bears and wall hangings made from alpaca wool that are so soft you just want to roll around in it!  The chess sets have carved llamas that take the place of the knight figures.  Wooden instruments are made from indigenous wood.

Got a great idea for a “coffee table book” of photos….wish I had a really great camera!  The photo ops here are unbelievable.

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