The Village of Cotacachi

We have about a 25 minute walk into the little village of Cotacachi and it’s cobblestone road all the way!  The altitude really kicks your butt!  Visited Calle 10 de Agosta…(Leather Street)…it’s probably every woman’s dream of a shopping trip for purses or shoes!  We had lunch at a little place called Serendipity’s which is owned by Nancy Harrigan ( an ex-pat from the States).   You can get a hamburger, BLT, grilled cheese, soup of the day, even Curry chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies…a very diverse menu.    This seems to be a fav hangout for the expats here.

Saw llamas on the way to town, and took a pic of their owner, who was obviously getting a kick out of our attempt at Spanish.  Tried to get enough photos to show the essence of the town- it seems that everyone is an entrepreneur!  There are little “shops” everywhere you look- selling socks, coca-cola, scotch, phones, fruit, baskets, videos and eggs!

We got a little concerned about the power lines…check out the slideshow!  So far, we’re having fun…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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